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Endocrine Glands Locations in the Human Body

What is Endocrinology?

Endocrinology is the science of endocrine hormones that are secreted by the various endocrine glands throughout the body. These hormones circulate in the blood stream and have effects on many cells of the body. The hormones act like keys to unlock normal body functions. If there is too much of a hormone (hyper-), these body functions may occur at higher than normal levels and cause disorders such as hyperthyroidism when there is too much thyroid hormone. On the other hand, if there is too little of a hormone
(hypo-), some of these functions may occur too slowly or function at a lower level. This is the case in hypothyroidism when there is too little thyroid hormone. Disorders for each hormone imbalance are described by clicking on the links for each disorder in the menu to the left.

Your Key to Endocrine Health

At Stonesifer Endocrinology, our goal is to help you restore these hormone levels and the medical results of these imbalances to healthy levels. We are committed to help you get these “keys” to work better at optimum levels, thus achieving the best possible endocrine health. If you are a patient seeking treatment for diabetes, thyroid disorders, pituitary gland disorders, or other endocrine disorders in the Seattle, Tacoma and Federal Way regions, please contact Stonesifer Endocrinology for more information.